Bronsun Pre Post Bundle Pack



Bronsun Pre and Post Bundle Pack

  • Bronsun Primer 60ml
  • Bronsun Saline 60ml
  • Bronsun Shampoo 60ml
  • Bronsun Conditioner 60ml
  • Bronsun Fixing Lotion 60ml
  • Bronsun Foaming Cleanser 100ml





Bronsun Foaming Cleanser – Bronsun Eyebrow Foam Cleanser is an airy foam which gently cleanses and prepares the eyebrow area for tinting, brow lamination and reconstruction treatments. It quickly and effectively removes impurities and makeup residues and has an optimal pH level.

Bronsun Shampoo Step 1 – Bronsun Shampoo can be used as the first step before any brow treatment as well as lamination to clean the skin, remove makeup and oil residue. Apply on damp eyebrows and clean in a circular motion for 30 seconds or longer.

Bronsun Saline Solution Step 2- A universal product that can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows. It is designed to clean and degrease the skin and hairs before tinting or laminating. Apply a small amount of solution on a dry cotton pad and thoroughly cleanse the hairs and skin.

Bronsun Primer Step 3 – A degreasing solution to remove greasy residue and prime the skin. Primer contains alcohol and should not be used on dry, sensitive skin. Apply a small amount on a dry cotton pad and thoroughly cleanse the skin and hairs. Wait until the brows are dry before proceeding with dye.

Application Of Dye Step 4 – Allow Bronsun Dye to develop for 15-20 minutes and remove with a damp cotton pad.

Bronsun Conditioner Step 5 –Designed to clean the dye residue from the hairs and prolongs the colour. Conditioner also stabilises the colour on the skin and stops the colour molecules from further developing (darkening) or changing colour. Apply to damp brows after dye has been removed. Massage for 30 seconds and wipe brows dry with a dry cotton pad.

Bronsun Fixing Lotion Step 6 –  A leave in solution designed to lock in the colour pigments after the treatment, creating a protective barrier and extending the longevity of the results and providing nourishment to the hair. Apply as the last step on dry brows. Do not wash off. 



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Purchasing beauty products from them has been a fantastic experience. Finally, I found a store where I can get top-notch products. Excellent customer service. I’ve been a customer for two years and they’ve never let me down. They follow through on their promises. I will definitely ✔ recommend this shop to everyone.

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Outstanding customer service.

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I did my Brow Lamination and Henna training with Uli and would highly recommend seeing her for ANY training. Her knowledge on products and treatments is amazing, and her instructions and explanations were easily understood. Thank you so much Uli

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