Enter Signup Points1000
Enter Referral Points1000If A referred to B and B signed up 
Referral Purchase Points Type1000If B made a purchase
Referral Purchase Limit1B can only get points on their 1st purchase
Referral Link Expiry7 Day
Refer Via Referral Coupon CodeShould we provide a referral code too?
Amount for the Referral Coupon Discount1000
Conversion rate for Cart Sub-Total Redemption1000 Points = 10 $
Apply Points on Checkout?Allow Customers to Apply Points During Checkout
Point Restriction on sale Product5000 PointsCustomers cannot claim more than 5000 Points or 50 $ on any product. Note: If we don’t set limit then they may claim the product for free if the number of points are equivalent to price
Minimum points you want to start the redemption1000 Points or 10$
500 points 
Customers cannot ask for less than that
Enter Number Of Orders??Enter the number of orders which users place to get rewards
Enter Order Rewards Points??Enter order rewards points which user will get when reach the limit of order.
Enter Birthday Points to give on bday1000