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  • Minetan - Professional Tanning Clean Air Tower

    This Clean Air Tower is the ultimate in minimising mess while creating a comfortable environment for your customers and technicians alike. this a must have product for all professional spray tanning salons Easy foot operation with stylish side panels and non-slip rubber floor. the advanced filtering system catches particles as small as 4 Micros.


    Clean Air Replacement Filters 2pk $29.94 - Disposable Filters please note replace filter approximately every 200 sprays.



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  • Minetan -Tan Handy Portable Spray Tan Machine
    All - In - One Portable Spray Tan Machine with Micro-Whirlwind Technology For Mobile Tanners or In-Home Personal Use Take your mobile tanning to the next level with the Tan.Easy Pro Tools Handy.Tan. This all-in-one professional hand-held spray tan machine with Micro-Whirlwind Technology is the next generation in professional tanning. Unlike other spray tan machines, this all-in-one spray tan system is both spray tan gun and mini turbine in one hand-held unit. No need to carry separate hoses or spray tan machines, this spray tan machine provides salon quality spray tans that is totally portable and easy to carry, store and transport. Like any electrical hair appliance, simply plug the unit into the wall with its extra long power cord and turn it on. You even have the option of heat to keep clients warm! This compact little system is lighter than most hair dryers – making it easy to spray tan clients, in no time at all! Key Features of the Tan.Handy Makes Spray Tanning Easy & Portable Adjustable Flow Control An Instant Finish Like No Other - A Portable spray tan experience with flawless, touch dry & streak free results Professional Airflow with Micro-Whirlwind Technology Lightweight, Compact & Completely Mobile - with a professional length power cord making it perfectly portable during use. One Touch Control with heat, Set for Tanning Perfection Clean.Easy, Rust-free mechanism that simply cleans with water with no leakage.
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  • Minetan - Tan Expert Tower 38000
    Professional Salon Workstation with Micro-Whirlwind Technology For Salon Use Ideal for high volume salons, the Tan.Expert Tower 38000 is an ergonomically designed workstation at the perfect height, so no bending is required. The height ensures that you protect the occupational health and safety of your staff, by allowing the user to use at arm’s length while keeping it organised. Features quick connect parts and a storage dock to store your spray gun or spray tan solution within the machine. Incomparably quiet, like the smaller Tan.Lite unit, this innovative machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a continuous stream of smooth air for a more constant flow pattern for accurate, streak-free tanning. Coupled with the Intelligent Dual Air-Smart switch, this unit has a variable airflow of 2 controls including an expert setting, for more powerful RPM for high volume use and faster technique. The slimline, tall look takes up minimal floor space, allowing you to easily position it within your salon. The Tan.Expert 38000 Tower features a storage dock to store your spray gun or solution in a vertical position with no risk of knocking or falling over. Key Features of the Expert Tower Two Touch Airflow Control - The dual intelligent air smart-switch with 2 custom settings is perfectly set for flawless spray tanning results. Ultimate Workstation Designed for Salons - Ergonomically designed, the Expert Tower is at the perfect workstation height. Power, Airflow, & RPM - With 38000 RPM, this machine has more powerful airflow, allowing professionals to spray faster and more evenly.
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  • Minetan - Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit Black
    Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit BRONZE BABE PERSONAL SPRAY TAN KIT BLACK $149.99 Spray tan yourself, friends & family in the comfort of your own home with this handy little device – the Tan.Handy Spray Tan System. The ultra-fine mist gives you a flawless, streak-free finish every time.
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