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  • Black Magic - Muscle Tan Mousse

    Muscle Tan Mousse
    Want to enhance your Competition Physique?
    Welcome to Black Magic’s competition tanning Mousse Muscle tan!! Muscle tan mousse is designed to give a lustrous deep instant tan. Black Magic’s Muscle Tan Mousse has an innovative formula that enhances muscle de?nition and body contours. This is a serious tanning product that will boost your outlines and curves making the time spent in the gym pay off on Judgement day!    

    Muscle Tan Mousse

    • Instant dark colour 
    • Continued colour development up 6 Hours
    • Designed for Dancers Bikini and Fitness models.
    • Touch ups
    • Will ensure a Dark looking tan that will last for 5 – 7 days
    • Odourless 
    • Non sticky 
    • Fast drying
    • Alcohol & Fragrance Free
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  • Black Magic - Muscle Tan 250ml

    Muscle Tan 

    250ml - Sample Bottle

    Muscle tan is designed to give a lustrous deep tan that keeps developing over 8 hours. Muscle tan has an innovative formula that enhances muscle de?nition and body contours to make you stand out in a crowd. Muscle tan is odourless non-sticky fast drying solution designed for all skin types infused with 100% certified organic DHA and a blend of natural ingredients to deliver a well de?ned tan while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Muscle tan will last between 5 - 7 days and will fade away evenly while the dark bronzer tone on competition day can be buffed back to give a natural looking tan. 

    Muscle tan is the first solution to offer a tan that has NO LIMITS turning even the fairest skin to black. You can be assured that whether you are competing in either New Zealand's National Amateur Bodybuilders' Association or for the New Zealand Federation of Bodybuilders you will have a tan that is fast drying non-sticky and odourless. For more information go to
    Muscle Tan is used by winning New Zealand Federation of Bodybuilder Athletes they love using it for the depth of colour they receive and the fact it doesn’t wipe off in the heat of competition.
    Who is it Ideal for?
    • Bodybuilders gym junkies models and Dancers
    • Actors on stage who require a tan that will show up under the lights.
    • For all skin types  
    • This solution has been designed by bodybuilders competing on stage. 
    • Someone looking for a solution with NO LIMITS
    • For a darker colour apply as many coats as you need.
    Key Features: 
    • Contains 10% DHA 
    • 100% Eco Certified DHA
    • Darkest Bronzer available 
    • 80% of the bronzer washers off after competition 
    • Deep Colour
    • Goes back to a natural tan that lasts 7 days 
    • Alcohol Free Fragrance Free and Fast Drying
    • Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
    • Antioxidants to help moisturise and maintain healthy skin.
    • Non sticky odourless
    • DEA Paraben and Propylene Glyco Free 
    Bronzer: Violet Based solution Heavy weight Dark bronzer which will make the skin go darker quicker no limit to the colour you can go.
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  • Black Magic - Xfoliate Mitt

    Xfoliate Mitt

    We all know to get a great spray tan you need to prepare your skin

    nothing is better than exfoliating we are proud to offer

    UNCOVER YOUR NEW SKIN with Black Magics Xfoliate mitt. 

    Xfoliate Mitt will help remove old spray tan in readiness for

    your next tan made from all natural fibres and enviromentially

    friendly dyes.

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  • Black Magic- Xfoliate

    Xfoliate - We all know the rules to ensuring the best results when you get a spray tan exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate..............

    Until now alot of products used to exfoliate either didnt do the job properly or had many other problems some were a moisturiser based exfoliants which would leave a barrier on your skin and not allow you to develop the sort of tan you were aiming for others contained essential oils that would again act as a barrier............................until now

    Is availble in 250ml take home jars and 1 Litre Professional Packs.

    Tan Xfoliate is more than just an exfoliant is helps you restore your skins PH Balance back to normal levels

    Tan Xfoliate is a gentle skin peel that will remove your dead skin cells and uncover new skin ready for your next spray tan.

    If you haven't tried this yet you will be amazed.

    We have sourced the finest ingredients from around the world to create this unique product.

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