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Retail Tanning Products

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Must Haves All Artists want to work with the best products and tools to compliment their skill. Our “Must Haves” have been created to give you the very best, so together we can make your clients feel amazing.Every aspect of the professional spray tan application is important, from prepping the skin for improved pH balance, choosing the right product to enhance the skin, locking in the tan, adding finishing touches and lastly moisturising for longer lasting results. These small additions to a spray tan application make it a beauty experience that has clients coming back for more.
  • Black Magic - Self Tanning Mousse 150ml

    Black Jack Self Tanning Mousse - designed for men .

    Black Jack will develop into a great looking natural tan that is easy to apply and looks great once on and even better when developed.

    Its so easy to apply that you don't even need to read the instructions- we say you should though. Application is simple and flawless using the Black Magic Tanning App Mitt.

    Your tan is so easy to look after too apply once and go about your business no need to moisturise and maintain.

    When you feel like you are ready to get more colour apply again its all over in just a few minutes and you can do easily on your own. 

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  • Black Magic - Tan Mousse Vibe 200ml

    Now you can take the amazing colour of Vibe anywhere you go with Vibe Mousse. 

    Vibe is known for its Extra Dark Bronzing Power Get an Instant Deep Bronzed Tan  with Vibe Mousse its easy to apply streak free ensuring a perfect application everytime.

    Extra Dark Bronzers help achieve that beautiful off the beach tan best of all No Smell.

    Best still if you want to go darker simply apply more mousse.  Vibe Mousse can be used as an all over Body Bronzer or is perfect to be used on the Face and hands which tend to fade faster.   

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  • Black Magic - Tan Wash

    Do you want a longer lasting tan?

    Tan lock is a hydrating fast drying spray that will lock in the colour guide and also helps with the wear of the tan. It can be used every day as a body spray moisturiser to help maintain your tan and keep your skins natural hue. Tan Lock is perfect for brides or and those who do a lot of swimming.

    Apply directly to the skin after your tan has dried using your spray tanning machine or spray pump. Spray over the skin evenly if you tan runs pat dry and reapply tan lightly to those areas.

    For external use only if accidentally introduced into the eye rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

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  • Black Magic - Application Mitt

    For a flawless application we recommend the Black Magic Application Mitt.

    Black Magic have designed this Tanning Application Mitt to ensure that you can blend your tanning Mousse or can even be used with a spray tan to pat down excess tan

    Made to fit well into the shape of your palm you can rub tanning products and blend to ensure a perfect result every time.

    There is a tan proof layer between the application side and your hand to protect your hands from getting tanning products on them.

    This Mitt can be machine washed - we suggest using a delicate bag and a warm water wash.

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  • Black Magic - Xfoliate Gel

    Xfoliate - We all know the rules to ensuring the best results when you get a spray tan exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate..............

    Until now alot of products used to exfoliate either didnt do the job properly or had many other problems some were a moisturiser based exfoliants which would leave a barrier on your skin and not allow you to develop the sort of tan you were aiming for others contained essential oils that would again act as a barrier............................until now

    Is availble in 250ml take home jars and 1 Litre Professional Packs.

    Tan Xfoliate is more than just an exfoliant is helps you restore your skins PH Balance back to normal levels

    Tan Xfoliate is a gentle skin peel that will remove your dead skin cells and uncover new skin ready for your next spray tan.

    If you haven't tried this yet you will be amazed.

    We have sourced the finest ingredients from around the world to create this unique product.

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  • Black Magic - Xfoliate Mitt

    We all know to get a great spray tan you need to prepare your skin

    nothing is better than exfoliating we are proud to offer

    UNCOVER YOUR NEW SKIN with Black Magics Xfoliate mitt. 

    Xfoliate Mitt will help remove old spray tan in readiness for

    your next tan made from all natural fibres and enviromentially

    friendly dyes.

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  • Black Magic - Tan Xtend

    Black Magic’s Tan Xtend is a natural emollient based moisturiser that softens and smooths the skin. It contains Organic Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which Xtend’s the life of your tan when used daily.

    Black Magic’s Tan Xtend can be used on its own for a light and natural gradual tan.

    Tan Xtend is Paraben free Sulphate free Propylene glycol free DEA free and Artificial colour free.

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  • Black Magic - Tan Lock
    The Ultimate Finishing Treatment - Waterproof Your Tan | Lock In Colour | Hydrate & Moisturise Black Magic Tan Lock is the ultimate finishing treatment. Tan Lock hydrates and moisturises the skin, locks in colour while water proofing your tan . It also serves to minimise any smudging of your new Black Magic Tan during development time making it a “must have” addition for all tanning technician
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  • Black Magic- Tan Prep
    Black Magic Tan Prep is a body primer designed to rebalance the pH levels of the skin, lock in moisture, and minimises pores. pH stands for "potential hydrogen" and is used to describe the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance, which ranges from 0 (the most acidic) to 14 (the most alkaline). Why is this important? The health of your body and skin is directly linked to maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity. "The skin's barrier, which is known as the acid mantle, is responsible for keeping in lipids and moisture while blocking germs, pollution, toxins, and bacteria. To work its best, the acid mantle should be slightly acidic, at a 5.5 pH balance. When it's too alkaline, skin becomes dry and sensitive; you may even get eczema. You may also experience inflammation. Keeping the pH balance of your skin in the neutral zone means your skin is in the best possible condition for your spray tan. Application To apply Black Magic Tan Prep stand back from your client and lightly spritz all over the body. If applicable remove excess lightly with a clean, damp cloth. Ensure skin is dry. Client skin is now ready to apply a Black Magic Tan
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  • Black Magic - Barrier Cream
    Black Magic - Barrier Cream Black Magic’s Barrier cream is a soft hydrating solution that is to be used in common areas that DHA or tan clings too leaving a nice even tan. Barrier cream is a very light weight, high grade, soft and refreshing moisturiser that is perfect for the professional tanning technician. It is perfect for competitors to help hydrate their dry skin and also make the removal of competition colour easier.
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