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  • Mila D'Opiz Swiss Alpine Flowers Tonic 500ml

    The Swiss Alpine Flowers Tonic is a professional tonic with a pleasantly fresh scent of alpine flowers. The essential ingredients provide a real boost of freshness-- it soothes, stimulates, cleanses and purifies the skin. Some of the active ingredients include: Allantoin (which refines, smoothes and evens skin structure), Alpine Lady's Mantle (an anti-oxidant which soothes and acts as an anti-septic) and Arnica (which enhances circulation and heals wounds). The Swiss Alpine Flowers Tonic can be applied on its own or mixed, like other tonics, in powder masks (1:1) for optimal results. This product is for Professional/Salon use only! 

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  • Mila D'Opiz Collagen (sheet) bag of 5

    These Collagen Masks from Mila d'Opiz are A4 in size and come in a pack of five. They are activated with the Hydro Boost Balancing Toner and placed over the face and neck to provide the ultimate Collagen Facial. Containing natural Collagen, which is closely aligned with the skin's own collagen, the skin is younger and refreshed looking.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Glyco Peel 7% Exfoliant Solution 125ml

    A mild Glycolic Peel, suitable for most skin types (apart from sensitive skin!), it contains a variety of Alpha Hydroxy Acids which will improve the look and feel of the skin. Leave on for no more than 8 minutes, and wash off thouroughly with no traces left.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Glyco Peel 25% 125ml

    Mila Glyco Peel 25% contains a mix of fruit acids from Sugar Cane and fruit extracts and has a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin without much discomfort. Fruit acid extracts are obtained from plants such as maple, blueberry, lemon and orange. Mila d'Opiz use a unique formulation that allows the fruit acids to be used in a natural environment thus retaining their active properties whilst being more gentle on the skin than other glycolic acids with similar strength.

    Only therapists who have completed the required Mila d'Opiz training are authorised to use 25% strength Glyco Peel.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Cell-Tox The Best Ampoule 15ml

    A safer non-irritant serum for all skin types. The Best alternative to Botox, reduces the depth of wrinkles on face and neck. Improves the contour of the face and activation of new collagen synthesis. Prevents elastin loss. No toxin, no neurotoxins.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Hyaluron Ampoule 15ml

    HYALURON Concentrate Ampoule

    Ultimate long-lasting moisturising factor; Smoothes the skin; Leaves a rejuvenating feeling, restores radiance; Very well tolerated. Firms the skin and stimulates the cell renewal process.

    • pH‐Value           :  5.7‐6.9
    • Appearance     :  White liquid
    • Packaging  : 10 x 5 ml bottles with folding box
    • Skin type : For all skin types; even for sensitive skin.
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  • Mila D'Opiz Professional Massage Cream 240ml

    This new Mila Professional Massage Cream contains Shea Butter and Mango Stone Butter and is ideal for use during welcome massages, as well as facial massages. With a delicate scent, it nourishes, soothes and calms the skin. 

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  • Mila D'Opiz Phyto de Luxe Treasure Kit

    PHYTO TREATMENT‐KIT (5 facial) pH‐value : approx 5,9 Appearance : White, milky liquid (Fluid and ampoule) packaging : •100 ml Phyto Mask Lotion & measure •5×5 ml ampoules • 1×30 ml tube Phyto Lift Cream • 5 mask tablets (set in folding box)

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  • Mila D'Opiz Luxury Whisperer Kit

    These Luxury Whisperer Kits are part of a professional line of products from Mila d'Opiz and is designed to allow you to do five luxurious facials on your clients. This Luxury Whisperer Kit is from the Skin Whisperer line, which is the most luxurious and effective anti-ageing range from Mila d'Opiz. Included in this kit is everything you need to do your facial, including the award-winning Skin Whisperer Cream, which won the Beauty Oscar for Most Innovative Product when it was first released, and the Skin Whisperer Serum, which contains Snow Algae, which Mila d'Opiz won the Innovation award for Best Active Ingredient at the European Cosmetics Awards.

    For Professional/Salon use only! 

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