Luxury Caviar - A Fountain of Youth For Your Skin

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  • Highly Effective Eye Cream

    Gentle, fragrance-free and intensive restructuring eye cream with caviar and argan oil. Balance skin’s lack of oil and moisture and helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Precious biotechnological ingredients generate a soothing and calming effect for the eyes, for a youthful, smooth and fresh look. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

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  • Highly Effective Rich Cream

    ntensive care cream (day and/or night) for sensitive and dry skin. The luxury rich in-depth moisturizing cream with its combination of active ingredients with the addition of “black gold” (Caviar) and “gold of Morocco” (Argan oil) stimulates the natural regeneration process and prevents premature skin aging. Lines and wrinkles are softened by the activation of the skin’s metabolism and microcirculation. For very dry skin.

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  • MILA D'OPIZ - Highly Effective Serum


    Uniquely luxurious anti-aging serum for intensive lifting and in-depth moisturizing effects. Reinforces the skin and gently nourishes the eye area. The Serum refines the skin’s structure and protects the cheek area. The exclusive alliance of active ingredients with Caviar and Argan oil fade away the signs of aging and enhance the elasticity and comfort of the skin. The combination of two highly effective natural products intensify the smoothing, beautifying and rejuvenating effects and reduces the risk of skin irritation. For all skin types, even for very sensitive skin.


    ·           Intensive, unique antiaging care

    ·          Indepth moisturising serum

    ·          Refines skin structure

    ·          Enhance elasticity and comfort of the skin

    ·         Ideal for very sensitive skin

    ·         Offers also a perfect eye care

    Apply day and night as unique care or under your Mila d‘Opiz cream.

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  • White Truffle Mask

    Precious and intensive anti-wrinkle mask with White Truffles, Caviar and Argan oil. This unique firming mask offers in-depth hydration, a special soothing effect and stimulates skin regeneration.

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