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  • Collagen Optima Cream 50ml

    The Classics Collagen Cream is one of the most popular moisturisers in the entire Mila catalogue! It is a rich moisturisng cream that can be used for both day and night care. It contains rich anti ageing and moisturising ingredients that will leave the skin appearing younger, fresher and more supple.

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  • Mila D'Opiz - Recharging Eye Lift Patch

    Thanks to its draining, moisturizing & decongestant properties, puffiness & dark circles are significantly reduced.  Innovative non-woven patches are supple, comfortable, resistant, have a unique high absorbency of ingredients & adhere perfectly to the delicate eye zone. This product offers a cooling effect & in-depth hydration. The eye contours are smoothed, gaining in firmness & elasticity.

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  • Cleansing Milk 500ml

    Classics Cleansing Milk is a light white milky cleanser with much loved by beauty therapists for its effective cleansing and make up removing properties.

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  • Mila D'Opiz - Classic Climat Cream 50ml

    Exquisite rich protective cream with Snow Algae extract. This pioneering intelligent natural element protects and activates longevity factors in skin cells, strengthens cellular defence mechanisms and supports skin regeneration, without leaving any oily trace.

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  • Collagen Optima Lotion 100 ml (SPF 15)

    The Classics Collagen Lotion is a light emulsifying lotion with an SPF of 15– it is ideal for those who would like an anti ageing effect without having to use a rich cream.

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  • ATP Eye Lift Gel 10ml

    ATP Eye Lift Gel is a light clear non- greasy gel formulation for use around the eye area. It contains Eyelift Complex which is a combination of ingredients formulated to reduce puffiness and strengthen the delicate skin around the eye area.

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  • Refresher Spray

    The Classics Refresher Spray is a light freshening moisturising spray which can be used on both face, neck and hair. It comes in a handy 100ml size so can be brought aboard an aircraft for use during flights.

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  • Mila D'Opiz - Classics Sanddorn Cream 50ml

    Sanddorn MVN Cream is a highly concentrated vitamin cocktail, which feeds the skin from the inside, so balancing it’s deficiencies. The result is a thoroughly hydrated and altogether healthier skin.

    The multivitamin cream, with seabuckthorn fruit extract and it’s omega fatty acids, is an authentic natural power pack. The combination of very special vitamins stimulate all the skin functions, tones the connective tissues and promotes the formation of new cell tissues.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Classics Fruit Acid Sensation Cream 50ml

    Marvellous light-textured care for all skin types, stimulates skin regeneration, reduces keratinisation, improves skin metabolism and water binding capacity, excellent moisturiser and antioxidant. Natural fruit acids soften first the horny layer then gently release the horny cells in order to stimulate cell growth. Demanding skin regains its freshness and luminosity, lines’ depth is reduced. Dry and sensitive skin becomes soft and elastic, the moisture level is balanced. Oily, impure skin becomes finely-pored and looks clearer.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Classics Climate Cream 50ml

    The newly developed “all-weather cream” protects, regenerates and shields the skin from a wide variety of climatic influences. The precious rich cream is among other things enhanced with the innovative ‘smart’ Snow Algae ingredient, an edelweiss extract and Vitamin E. This pliant cream is also a proved protection in cold weather and is suitable for all skin types. The texture absorbs quickly and leaves no oily traces.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Classics Collagen Eye Patches 5pcs

    The practical Eye Patches promote the renewal of the skin cells and provide the skin with intensive moisture. After the first application, lines and wrinkles are reduced. The versatile combination of anti-aging care is suitable for every type of skin.

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  • Mila D'Opiz Classics Sanddorn Cream 240ML

    The Classics Sanddorn Cream is a very rich moisturiser which contains a combination of ingredients designed to hydrate extremely dry and dehydrated skin.

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