Emendee Nail Tables

Emendee Nail Tables

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Nail dust is DANGEROUS

There are two major reasons why nail dust is the number one danger to your health in the industry today.

Nail dust is sharp.

Inhaled, it cuts away at the soft tissues in our bodies and this produces mucus giving us drippy noses, watery eyes and throat tickles. Ingested (ie: with a cup of coffee) it is now cutting into the softest tissues in our body. Externally it cuts away at our biggest organ, our skin, with every movement.

Nail dust is 100% product.

Everything that you have applied and everything any other nail technician has applied before you, you have now inhaled. Read your MSDS's - the effects of these products are the direct result of you inhaling nail dust.

This is NOT what you want inside you.

If you are working from home you have now exposed your loved ones to these same dangers. With every inhalation the chemicals in nail dust supress your immune system. Doctors are calling the inhalation of this dust the 'next asbestosis'.


Why no dust is no fuss!

emendeeworkstations have been specifically invented, innovated and designed to increase the workplace health and safety of the nail technician.

Salon owners and nail technicians under the OH&S act (96-i) are responsible for the clean air of their employees and clients.

This means you are liable for litigation.

All emendee workstations and emendeesnus come with a full dust report, done in-salon under normal working conditions by an independent testing facility. This report proves a greater than 99% dust removal and better than 68% odour removal from the salon. This is of course important for your health but also for the health of your business.

The dust report is positive proof that you are at the leading edge in caring for the clean air of your employees and clients.

This helps to keep your business safe.

On top of this, the emendeeworkstations are 100% tax deductable when rented or purchased. No nail technician can afford to work without an emendee.

  • Emendee - Single Workstation
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    The emendeesingle is the first and still the most popular of theemendeeworkstations. At 1.1m in length it fits beautifully into a small rental space in a salon or in your home salon. Available with either 1 or 2 purchased drawer packs and in any of the colours, skins or styles available it is a perfect station for customisation to your own style.

    Length: 1100mm
    Width: 550mm
    Height: 710mm

      included options
    Black or chrome legs
    Classic colours
    White or black edging
    Curved or square corners
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  • Emendee Multiple

    The emendeemultiple is a full click together system that allows you to customise your look totally. Both boomerangs and singles click together in such a way to make it fully interchangeable at a later date if you require. Stations are available with or without units and can work as an add-on system. Why not start with a boomerang and two singles knowing your business is going to build and as people come on board you can add others into the line! Every set of legs can be replaced with a purchased drawer unit at the time or retrofitted at a later date. With all options available, what are you waiting for?

    • Black or chrome legs
    • Classic colours
    • White or black edging
    • Curved or square corners

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