Pedicure Kits

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Pedicure Kits

  • Gena - Feet To Go Kit

    Travel size Pedicure essentials perfect for home or travel  

    * Kit includes: Pedi Setpic, Pedi Soft, Pedi Care, Pedi ice and Pedi Sander 

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  • Gena - Pedi Spa DETOX System - Intro Pack

    Pedi Spa DETOX System 

    Pedi Spa DETOX System Infused with Black Charcoal 

    • Step 1: Add powder to warm water and submerge feet for a deep cleansing soak.
    • Step 2: Rub exfoliant scrub smoothly onto skin to gently polish and purify.
    • Step 3: Apply a thin coat of luxurious mask and allow dry time to thoroughly nourish skin.
    • Step 4: Massage emollient crème from knees to toes to moisturize and restore.
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  • Gena - PediSpa Moroccan Ghassoul System Intro Kit
    Gena Pedi Spa Moroccan Ghassoul Intro Kit Kit Contains (1 each- 4oz jars) Step 1 of a 4 part process- Cleansing Minerals Soak Mix in water and soak for 5-10 minutes Infused with light and delicate rosewater Step 2 in a 4 part process- Polishing Spice Scrub Rub into dry skin and gently massage to exfoliate Formulated with fresh and infusing mint Step 3 in a 4 part process- Nutrient-Rich Nourishing Mask Apply a thin layer and allow dry time to boost effectiveness Contains mineral rich and absorbent Moroccan oil Step 4 in a 4 part process- Moisture Replenishing Lotion Massage to nourish and hydrate skin Infused with citrusy and floral orange blossom fragrance
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