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    Hyper Sleek, High Performance, Luxurious Ultra clear glass Mixable candlelight and daylight LEDs (2,700k to 5,600k) Smooth and flicker-free dimming Tabletop size Meet the new you reflected in the ultimate color temperature adjustable beauty mirror. This dynamic mirror was a concept of our customers, and they made one strong demand: Make it! With the Brilliant Mirror you will be able to control your makeup application in every lighting condition. And, with our ultra crystal clear glass your reflections of white will be white; not light green like standard mirrors. Our cool LED technology will make you perfectly comfortable without emitting any heat regardless of the hours you may spend in front of it. Electrical outlets (US plugs only) on the side of the frame will allow you to plug-in your hair tools and other AC powered accessories. The mirror comes wall-mountable with keyholes on the back for easy hanging. FEATURES • Ultra clear glass • Color consistency guarantee • Adjustable color temperature LED 2,700K-5,600K (candlelight to noon daylight) • Independently controllable and dimmable •Dual voltage (110-240AC) • Two side outlets into which you can plug your beauty tools • Dimensions of the mirror without the legs are 18.5"L x 1.5"W x 24"H (474 x 35 x 614mm). With the legs the height is 29" (722mm) • Virtually zero heat generated from lighting • Table stand legs are included • Environmentally friendly LED technology • Five year warranty on parts, material, and labor.
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    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND... THIS IS THE ORIGINAL LIGHT WITHOUT REMOTE OR LONGER LIGHT PANELS The world's top professionals won't leave home without it. Introducing the completely redesigned Classic Elite 2 with HD Daylight lighting. The Classic is an international best seller to these professionals: • MUA • Lash • Hair • Tattoo • Airbrush/body painting • Beauty professionals Features: • HD Daylight lighting 5,600K No "cool down" period. Once you are finished you can pack it and go! • Dual voltage 100-240AC • Super lightweight: 4.5lbs/2kg • Five stage touch dimming and touch power The Classic Elite Light Kit includes the following: (1) Classic Elite flexible luminary (1) Lightweight polished aluminum telescopic stand (1) Lightweight power supply (1) Carry bag with trolley sleeve • Powerful premium 5,600K daylight LED • Most powerful Elite model to date • Portable
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    RIKI SKINNY! Meet RIKI. What is it? Oh, it's just a little bit of luxury for individuals who are really ahead of the curve. EXTRAORDINARY married AMAZING, and they had a RIKI. The RIKI SKINNY is a super bright mirror using GLAMCOR technology to deliver performance never before seen in any lighted mirror in this class or size. Five stages of dimming give you full control of the level of detail you want to see. Add the magnifying mirror to get up close and personal with those lashes and brows and for detail work especially around the eyes. NOW LET'S BLOW SOME MINDS Interested in taking your selfie game or videos to the next level? Place your phone into the included phone clip, and mount it onto the mirror. Pair your phone with the mirror using our Bluetooth connectivity, and press the camera button on the mirror with your thumb to take your pics. You don't need to have your finger or arm awkwardly in your perfect shot. Our legendary quality LEDs have been intricately and masterfully hand-crafted for the RIKI SKINNY. There is NO BETTER COLOR of lighting for photos in the expert opinion of others and us. We spent over two years designing this color blend, and we let the data speak for itself. What stuff can you do with the RIKI SKINNY?: • Hair • Makeup • Facebook & Instagram live events • Record or follow along YouTube videos and tutorials • Take perfect selfies • See details you have definitely been missing • Improve your beauty applications
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    Single is the new black. The MONO Light is a single, powerfully bright, new daylight lamp with two dimming settings. Our LED technology is packed into this beautiful design, and it is geared to provide PREMIUM illumination to our lash and nail technicians. Work under the crisp white light to see the details of your work. The attached table stand can be attached to any table or cart/trolley. Before and after photography of your work under this light is guaranteed to be perfect. Features • HD Daylight 5,600k • Adjustable brightness (50% & 100%) • Flicker-free • Clamp onto any shelf or table • Dual voltage 100-240V • Lightweight: 2lbs/.9kg The MONO Light Kit includes the following: (1) Fully flexible single LED luminary with power and two setting dimming (1) Table clamp accessory (1) Dual voltage power supply • MUA • Lash • Hair • Tattoo • Airbrush/body painting • Beauty professionals • Photo & Video
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    Glamcor MultiMedia Extreme Light Kit For a limited time only with every new Glamcor MultiMedia Extreme purchased we are including the following accessories (Valued at over $100) ABSOLUTELY FREE! - Mirror - Universal phone clip -Universal tablet clip -Camera clip Our most technologically advanced lighting to date just got more awesome. New color temperature adjustability and remote control give you control over your lighting like never before. You can now adjust from candlelight to daylight with smooth transitions to inspect your work under all lighting conditions. With our Bluetooth Selfie Function you can pair your iPhone or Android to the light and use the remote control to take your selfies and video to the highest level. Use the Multimedia Extreme to film your tutorials for YouTube by adding a camera, iPad, iPhone, or Samsung phone. Add the mirror and create an instant illuminated studio. Cool LED technology and color temperature adjustability for HD makeup, film, and photography will deliver you the highest-end illumination in and out of any studio. Purchase accessories as you need them. We welcome you to watch the associated short video on all of the functionality. The world's top professionals won't leave home without it. Glamcor is an international best seller to these professionals: • MUA • Lash • Hair • Tattoo • Airbrush/body painting • Beauty professionals The Multimedia Extreme Light Kit includes the following: (1) Fully flexible LED luminary with power, dimming, and color temperature adjustability (1) Remote control (1) Stable base four leg lightweight aluminum telescopic stand (1) Dual voltage power supply (works in all countries) (1) Carry bag with trolley sleeve
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    ***THIS IS A BRAND NEW PRODUCT*** The Paris Lights are used to be installed directly on top or next to and existing or newly installed mirror. More information will be available. Email for cut sheet! • 36" length • Dual voltage (100-240AC) • Remote control and manual five level dimming and power • Mirror finish • Can be mounted on existing mirror installation as a retrofit • Can be mounted next to common mirror for new installation • Ultra thin (17.2mm / 11/16") • Mounts with double-sided 3M PE Foam tape or by hanging by keyhole
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