Premium Silk D – 0.10 – Mixed Tray






Premium Silk

The traditional silk gloss finish producing shine for those clients that like a little sparkle


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Purchasing beauty products from them has been a fantastic experience. Finally, I found a store where I can get top-notch products. Excellent customer service. I’ve been a customer for two years and they’ve never let me down. They follow through on their promises. I will definitely āœ” recommend this shop to everyone.

Caitlyn Poate
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Amazing customer service… bought a nail light and upon getting home discovered no cord, well being a Saturday and they close at 12pm the lovely lady working today is going to drop it off personally to us.
Outstanding customer service.

Angelina Roest
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I did my Brow Lamination and Henna training with Uli and would highly recommend seeing her for ANY training. Her knowledge on products and treatments is amazing, and her instructions and explanations were easily understood. Thank you so much Uli

Stacey McFarlane
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