MAYAMY Natural Usma Oil for Eyebrow Growing 4 ML 10 Pack


Original price was: $169.95.Current price is: $85.00.

Usma Oil Eyebrow Growth – Pack of 10

Original price was: $169.95.Current price is: $85.00.


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Usma Oil is the most powerful natural activator of eyelash and eyebrow growth, the main value of oil is the ability to stimulate the growth of hair bulbs.

When applied on the eyebrow and eyelash give quick results.

Increase the thickness of the eyebrows by 30% within a month after the daily use.

Ingredients for the usma oils are on the basis of usma oil, which includes burdock oil and apricot kernel oil, with regular application stimulates hair bulbs and enhances the growth of eyelash, awakens dormant hair bulbs, strengthens the eyelash and makes them elastic.

Natural burdock oil and apricot kernel oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, B, F, proteins.

Increase the length of eyelash by 45% and volume in brow by 30% within a month after daily use.

Method of Application: Apply twice a day in the morning and evening for one month, accompanying the procedure with a small massage, do not rinse.

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