Classic Extension Course & Master Kit



We will teach you how to create and maintain a beautiful set of eyelash extensions using the safest and most hygienic techniques and products, keeping the natural lashes in optimum condition. You will learn the latest application techniques, how to fill the lashes at maintenance and how to remove them safely without causing damage to the natural lash. This skill building course will give you all the knowledge you will need to get started in this great industry. Even if you have no other beauty skills, just with this one skill alone you can create extra income for your family or turn it in to a very profitable full time business. There are now many technicians out there who have exceptional businesses just doing eyelash extensions. If you are already in the beauty industry this is an excellent service to add to your existing salon menu. Enquire about our payment plans below or click on purchase now to get started immediately.

Duration: 2 Day Workshop

* Models Supplied

Master Kit Content: 50 Patches 3 x Tray 4000 Lashes Dryer Tape Microwands Remover 2 x tweezers Mascara Wands Protein Remover Eyelash Stickers Adhesive Glass Tray Total Value: $326.50 Purchasing the Course & Master Kit will provide you a saving of $126.50.



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Zooming in. Preparing for the work.
  • Studying various eye and face shapes
  • Eye anatomy for eyelash extensions
  • Working with different extension materials and forms
  • Elaborations of the design of the client’s look
  • Contraindications for eyelash extensions
  • Prevention of infections etc.
  • Practice above techniques on mannequin 
    Working with natural lashes and extensions.

  • Preparation of the clients natural lashes
  • Classic and unorthodox extension designs
  • Classic application techniques
  • Studying and choosing adhesives
  • Accurate isolation of lashes
  • Gentle separation of lash stickies
  • Live supervised model practice


Application and retention of extensions.
  • Application of eyepads
  • Application of an extension to a lash
  • Providing the right aftercare
  • Post-treatment advice for eyelash extensions
  • Factors that influence lash retention
  • Refills for lash extensions
  • Client record keeping
  • Live supervised model practice


Selling techniques for your personal set of skills
  • Elaboration of your lash Menu
  • Pricing strategies for the services
  • Promotion of your work in social media
  • Secrets on how to keep customers coming back
  • Developing your own lashing style
  • Identifying you perfect client
  • Q&A session with Uliana
  • Live supervised model practice



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Outstanding customer service.

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I did my Brow Lamination and Henna training with Uli and would highly recommend seeing her for ANY training. Her knowledge on products and treatments is amazing, and her instructions and explanations were easily understood. Thank you so much Uli

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