Mayamy Brow Henna - Dark Brown

Mayamy Brow Henna - Dark Brown

Mayamy Brow Henna - Light Brown

Mayamy Brow Henna - Light Brown

Mayamy Brow Henna - Classic Brown

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MAYAMY Brow Henna - Classic Brown 

Mayamy Brow Henna does not contain lead and ammonia.

World’s first henna in nano-capsules Our technologists have found a successful solution not only to preserve the original quality of the henna, but also for a comfortable procedure itself!

Thanks to the convenient and absolutely natural nano-capsules, you no longer have to face either inconvenient packets or other packaging.

Each Henna jar contains 30 capsules (6 grams) of henna in one color, which is sufficient for 30 - 90 procedures, and a measuring cup for mixing.

Detailed instructions are indicated on the packaging.

The persistent staining effect is visible up to 7 weeks on the Brow hairs (up to 1 week on the skin). The duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.

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