Lomasi has been designed by Young Nails for every day use, yet definitely not your everyday moisturizer.

Lomasi lotions light blend of anti-oxidants with hydrating and soothing emollients spread smoothly, absorb completely and last longer. It soaks in deep and keeps moisturizing for hours on end. Always apply after cleansing and soaking, on the body as well as the hands. Combine scents for thematic treatments. 

Lomasi Cremes - Use when intense, prolonged moisturizing is desired, or overnight – on the heels, for example. Lomasi body cremes contain powerful anti-oxidants blended with extracts and oils to create that sought-after silky slip on the skin. The ingredients and scents were specifically created to enhance the manicure, pedicure and spa experience and to heighten those youthful, relaxing effects.

Lomasi Sugar Scrubs have been specially developed by Greg to meet Young Nails distinctive product standards. And, of course, to work exclusively with all Lomasi cremes and lotions. Each scent is a combination of essential oils and emollients in a creamy sugar base. Just perfect as an extra service to relieve stress and fatigue. Sugar exfoliates and softens your clients skin without damaging yours. 

Lomasi Scrub - A green sea foot masque with a light lavender orange scent and the breeze of mentholated clays. Green and Kaolin muds draw out impurities as they cool, heal and moisturize the skin. Lavender is a natural anxiety reliever while the orange soothes and detoxifies.